#92 A Medjugorje Heart with Michelle Contich

In this week’s show, A Medjugorje Heart, I talk with my friend, Michelle Contich, who just returned from her first pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Michelle shares that she discovered the gifts of Medjugorje as she sought healing during a difficult season of life. The gifts that Michelle unwrapped were all about God’s great love. The love found in the sacrament of Reconciliation, being called to just love others and how love leads to joy and peace in your heart. 

We live in a world that needs more love! It sounds trite to say, but what the world is lacking is an awareness of the source of true love. I am reminded of the Beatles song, All You Need Is Love. It is true that all you need is love, but the source of that love is God the Father! The world tends to confuse God’s love with love of the “flesh” or worldly desires. The world’s love leads to confusion, pain and will leave you searching in all the wrong places. 

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Jennie is a Catholic speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, Weekly Radio Show Host on Nashville Catholic Radio and Radio Maria USA, and founder of Catholic Moms in the Middle. After 26 years of working in Catholic education, Jennie felt God calling her "to step out of the boat" to serve in a new way. In her new ministry as a Catholic Life Coach, she now equips and encourages middle-life moms to reconnect with who they are and their unique God-given purpose so they can MAGNIFY Christ in their corner of the world.