I help mid-life moms thrive.

Do you want to gracefully navigate midlife? 

Being a mom in the middle includes many LIFE transitions. Even if these transitions are expected, they can still be challenging to embrace. In my new monthly workshops for Moms in the Middle, I will help you gracefully navigate midlife so that you can thrive! The first workshops will focus on creating happy, healthy and holy transitions. 

  • Reconnect with your spouse now that the house is quiet and the busyness and demands of raising a family are evolving.
  • Gracefully navigate your relationships with your adult children and their spouses.
  • Embrace your changing role as you care for your own parents. 
  • Refocus on your passion and purpose as you welcome this new season of life and ALL of its possibilities.

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Midlife is your time to THRIVE!

Are you tired of making your body the enemy?

Have you spent TONS of money over the years buying the latest dieting book, signing up for the restrictive programs, the magic pills, buying the workout video...anything that might finally be the answer to losing weight?

Do you dread looking in the mirror each morning as you try to decide which clothes fit and look decent?

Yep...me too! Until, I learned how to lose weight with GRACE. 

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Learn how to connect with yourself so that you are in the driver's seat of your life. Where do you see yourself in mid-life? Dust off an old dream and make it a reality. Learn how to create the happiness you desire!

The best is yet to come!
  • Reconnect in your marriage to embrace this new season of life with joy and fun. 
  • Gracefully navigate your relationship with adult children and in-laws.
  • Embrace new responsibilities as you care for aging parents.
  • Welcome mid-life with confidence and clarity as you pursue new dreams or dust of old ones. 


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You are in a new season of life where your house is quiet, the kids are more independent and you have time to focus on you. 

Are you ready to lose weight once and for all?

It is time to thrive!

  • Uncover the reasons you've struggled for years to lose weight.
  • Break the spiritual stronghold of food and weight loss so you can have freedom from dieting forever.
  • Ditch the diets and learn how to trust your body to guide you to your weight loss goal. 
Lose with GRACE


Discover how your faith is the foundation for your life and allow it to guide your journey. 

"Be who you are called to be and you will set the world on fire."

St. Catherine of Siena

  • Take a deep dive into prayer, study the Catholic faith and learn about God's great love.
  • Explore your gifts and talents to see where you are called to serve. 
  • Live your faith from the inside out and allow God to work through you to impact your corner of the world. 
Work with Me!

Catholic Life Coaching through the lens of Scripture, Church teachings and the lives of the saints. 

Dream big and then learn how to take the steps to reach your goal!

Learn to cultivate JOY in your relationships, your health, your emotions, your mind, your faith and all other parts of your life so you can truly be the BEST version of yourself.

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How to Lose Weight Without Willpower 

If you've struggled to lose weight for years, it time to step off the diet roller coaster and discover powerful tools that will keep you on track even when your willpower tank is empty. 

In this free workshop, learn why your willpower is in limited supply and how you can lose weight without it. 

I’m Jennie — a Catholic Life Coach who helps mid-life moms THRIVE in their new season of life by connecting with themselves and in their faith life so they can find joy in all areas of life. 

I've been an educator and ministry leader for over 26 years, teaching, challenging, and inspiring others to reach their full potential across all areas of their lives.

My passion has always centered on encouraging and supporting women to find JOY in their faith journey, helping them step into their unique role, and unleashing their unique gifts into the world. 

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This season of life is full of amazing possibilities...it's time to thrive!