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I equip and encourage

Catholic Moms in the Middle

to discover what is possible in their new season of life! 


 What is a Mom in the Middle?

A Catholic Mom in the Middle is a mom who finds herself in a new season of life. Becoming an empty nester, reaching mid-life or having more time on your hands presents an opportunity to focus on what you want next for your life. 

You may have spent years raising your family, volunteering at school, attending ballgames, driving carpool or working tirelessly in a career. One day you wake up and the house is quiet, your children are more independent, your job is not as rewarding and you have more time on your hands. You are now faced with an important question.

What will bring me joy in this new season of life?


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Life isn't over...you simply have a new beginning!

You can create a life that you love!

It is time to focus on you and to explore what is possible in your life.

Do you want the courage to

  • finally make yourself a top priority in your life?
  • love yourself so you can finally lose the weight and reach your health goals?
  • reconnect in your marriage to create more joy and intimacy?
  • build strong bonds with your adult children or inlaws?
  • discover a new purpose or passion that brings you joy?
  • explore a new career or hobby?


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Instead of looking at life through the rearview mirror...look ahead and create a life that you love!

It is easy to think that the best part of your life is over now that your kids are grown and out of the house. You might feel stuck and uncertain about what your future holds. You may feel like your purpose in life has moved to college or is living on their own, but you have the opportunity to be intentional about what YOU want next. 

It is time to focus on YOU.

What excites you?

What do you want to accomplish?

What brings you joy?

What lights you up?


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 You were created for a time such as this!

Esther 4:14


Where is God calling you in this new season of life?


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