#116 Faith and Mental Health with Bob Forster

*** This show contains content about suicide, trauma and painful family situations. If these topics are a trigger for you, please skip this episode.

This week I talk with my friend, Bob Forster. Bob is a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. In this show he shares his personal journey of healing and forgiveness with his father and the devastating loss of his brother to suicide.

Bob shares his story of vulnerability as he recounts his struggles and the healing path he has walked. He shared his extensive experience working with youth and emphasized the importance of trust and sincerity in building connections with young people. Bob's journey was not just about his personal pain but also about his mission to inspire others to find strength in their own adversities. He spoke of his efforts to bridge the gap between adults and youth, highlighting the crucial role of trusted adults in children's lives. His narrative, punctuated with moments of vulnerability around his brother's suicide and his relationship with his father gives profound insights and illustrates the transformative power of facing one's wounds head-on and finding solace in faith.

I was moved by Bob's courage and the wisdom he imparted. His reminder that "it's okay to not be okay" is an important message for everyone, emphasizing the importance of seeking support and speaking out. His stories and insights are a beacon of hope for many, including myself. Bob's openness and the vital work he continues to do will inspire and give you a renewed sense of purpose to support others on their healing journey even in the darkest of times. 

Here is a link to Bob's talk at Holy Family Church in January 2024

Holy Family Catholic Church Counseling

Crisis Services and Suicide Prevention in Tennessee

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