#107 How Does God Speak to You with Anne Trufant

In this week's show, I talk with Anne Trufant, founder of Mission on the Mountain, about how God speaks to each of us. Anne share's a powerful encounter with Christ that she had at an early age and how that encounter changed the trajectory of her life.

From that one encounter God gave her the gift of Scripture. Anne shares that so many Catholics believe the lie Scripture is hard or that Catholics just don't know the Bible. In ministry and retreats, Anne teaches that the Bible is "our book." She says it is how you and I get to know what Jesus said, the actions he took with others and it is how you get to know him on a deep and intimate level. 

So many times, women worry about the past or what will happen in the future. Women often overthink and overanalyze in order to control the outcome of different situations. Anne shares wise advice given to her by a spiritual director to "be where your feet are planted." If you are always looking for more, you're going to miss the now, which is where all of the grace can be found. The Lord has plenty of grace for this moment in your life. When you are present in the moment, this allows you to be open to where God wants to lead you. When you stop striving and resisting, you are able to hear the voice of God. Sometimes it will be a whisper in your ear, a message placed on your heart through Scripture, an image in your mind or just a deep knowing of God. Each one of us hears God voice in different ways during our faith journey. Knowing the Lord and being willing to listen will allow him to use you in ways to build up and encourage others, especially those you are most familiar with in your family, friend groups and those you encounter on a daily basis. 

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Jennie Guinn is a Catholic speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, Weekly Radio Show Host on Nashville Catholic Radio and Radio Maria USA, and the founder of Catholic Moms in the Middle. After 26 years of working in Catholic education, Jennie felt God calling her "to step out of the boat" to serve in a new way. In her new ministry, she equips and encourages middle-life women to encounter the love of the Father and to be transformed and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit so they can MAGNIFY Christ in their corner of the world.