#99 The Gift of Healing with Fr. Mark Nolte

In this show, I talk with Fr. Mark Nolte about a recent mission trip to Brazil where he witnessed many healings. Fr. Mark shares stories the many miracles that he witnessed, but he also talks about how these healings and miracles should and can be a normal occurrence for the church. 

We discussed how many people are skeptical of healings and if they are actually possible through prayer. When asked what he would say to those people who doubt, Fr. Mark said, 

"Well, I used to be one of those people many years ago. I used to mock all these healings on TV or people, you know, falling backwards. My belief changed when I experienced the Holy Spirit over 35 years ago, in a prayer group in Nashville. In that group, I began to have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and the manifestations of the Spirit. And I realized that this is the stuff I saw on TV." 

Fr. Mark talks about his journey to learn more about the Holy Spirit's gift of healing and how he attended conferences and bought books from Catholic theologians because he wanted to learn from people within the church. He says he began to understand that it was part of the early church and we got away from it for different reasons.

As Father Mark shares about the different gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they can manifest into healings and miracles, he emphasizes that you have to be grounded in a deep prayer life, because that's where it originates. It's Jesus who's doing the healing, not any of us. He shares that fear can occur when people don't have an intimate relationship with the Lord and understand his promises. 

Fr. Mark says, "once you fall in love with him, you get to know him you can't help but want to share his love and his compassion with other people. This allows you to be more comfortable in praying with people in the moment and the expectation that healing can occur."

Jennie Guinn is a Catholic speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, Weekly Radio Show Host on Nashville Catholic Radio and Radio Maria USA, and the founder of Catholic Moms in the Middle. After 26 years of working in Catholic education, Jennie felt God calling her "to step out of the boat" to serve in a new way. In her new ministry, she equips and encourages middle-life women to encounter the love of the Father and to be transformed and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit so they can MAGNIFY Christ in their corner of the world.