#72 Stop Being Perfect

In this podcast, Catholic Moms in the Middle Coach, Jennie Guinn, helps you to understand perfectionism. Recognizing signs of perfectionism is the first step. The goal is not to get rid of it because perfectionism can serve you. It could be a special quality to help you live your unique purpose. Being aware of when perfectionism is holding you back through procrastination, all or nothing thinking or comparing and despair will allow you to redirect your thoughts and actions so that you donโ€™t stay stuck in beating yourself up. You can do this by embracing gratitude, practicing self-compassion, and acknowledging your own strengths and accomplishments to help combat the negative effects of comparison and foster a healthier perspective.

Romans 15 says, Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. โ€“ Romans 15:7

Listen this week to see if you tend to be a perfectionist...you just might be surprised.

Jennie is a Catholic Life Coach, Podcaster, Weekly Radio Show Host on Nashville Catholic Radio, Speaker and founder of Catholic Moms in the Middle. She equips and encourages middle-life moms to reconnect with who they are and their unique God-given purpose so they can embrace midlife with joy and confidence.