Hey Mama, 

This new season of life is filled with so MANY possibilites! 

Do you feel like a mid-life funk is looming ahead of you?

Do you need to re-learn how to focus on you and your desires?

After years of pouring your heart and soul out for your family, are you wondering what to do next?

It is time to focus on creating a life that you love. As a Mom in the Middle, you have an amazing opportunity to reconnect with yourself to find joy, excitement and purpose. Look forward with anticipation and confidence as you discover what you want to accomplish now. Allow yourself to dream about what is possible and then be intentional about making it happen. 

Change Your Life Now!

Be Happy!

Exchange mid-life confusion and uncertainty by knowing who you are and what you want. 

Gain clarity on your purpose in this new season of life. 

Let go of trying to be everything for everyone so that you can achieve new goals and dreams.

Create the life you desire by exploring what is possible in all areas of your life. 

Be Healthy! 

Gain the confidence and courage to lose the weight you've battled with for years.

Be willing to love yourself in a way that helps you release past regrets and failures. 

Establish healthy relationships with your adult children and in-laws.

Reconnect in your marriage for more joy and intimacy. 



Be Holy!

Create a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer and study.

Look at your life through the lens of Scripture and Church Teachings. 

Dive deeper into the gifts of the Sacraments to see how they impact your daily life.

Gain clarity on how God has called you to serve in this season of life. 


Being a Mom in the Middle is a great place to be!

Live with purpose and intention!

Conquer change!

Believe in yourself!

Create a life that you love!

Create a Life You Love

You deserve to focus on you!

Hey Mama, it isn't too late to dust off old dreams or to discover new goals and desires. Ask yourself, what do you want to do now that you have time for you?

As a Catholic Mom in the Middle Mentor and Life Coach, I will help you discover what is possible!

Weight loss...possible!

Strong marriage...possible!

Happy at work...possible!

Great relationships...possible!

Loving yourself...possible!

See What is Possible In Your Life!

What do you want to focus on?

I'll walk you through the steps to create a life that you love.

In Catholic Moms in the Middle, I will equip and encourage YOU to find clarity and confidence as a mid-life mom. It is possible that this season of life can be your BEST one yet!

Do you want to see what's possible in your life?

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