Your Own Jesus Revolution

Feb 28, 2023

My husband and I went to see the Jesus Revolution on its opening weekend. The movie is an honest look at the early 70’s hippie movement and how a few Christians opened the door for a Jesus Revolution. By sharing their faith in new and bold ways, they saved many souls who were broken and searching. Their actions, propelled by the Holy Spirit helped them to launch ministries and churches that are still serving and saving today. 

As I left the theater that day, I was reflecting on my own faith life and felt God stirring my heart to step out of my comfort zone to share my faith in new and bold ways. At the beginning of the movie, Pastor Chuck Smith, played by Kelsey Grammer, is preaching to an empty and lifeless church. Going to church can often seem like you are going through the motions to check off the box instead of being fully aware of God’s presence.

How often does your faith life feel empty and lifeless?

One thing was certain when I left the theater, I wanted what they had. The kind of faith that is contagious and sets your heart on fire. So, I began to reflect on how I could create my own Jesus Revolution. How could I have that kind of humble and simple, yet powerful faith life that is meant to be shared with everyone. 

What is a spiritual revolution?

A spiritual revolution is spontaneous, shared with others and sparks an intense desire to connect with Christ. 

Be spontaneous! Invite Jesus into all aspects of your life. Instead of compartmentalizing your faith, to Sundays or even certain times of the day, your relationship with Jesus should shine through in all that you do. In the movie, Greg Laurie is given an old car. As he gets in to drive away, the car won’t start. The group standing around the car is encouraged to lay their hands on the car and ask the Holy Spirit to help the car start for Greg. As they laid their hands on the car it reminded me of the need to invite God into every aspect of our lives. He is there just waiting for us to call on him in each and every situation. 

Share your faith! People are searching to find peace and love. They want to belong so that they feel seen and heard. Christ is searching as well, he is searching for each soul on earth. Faith can’t always be explained so it must be experienced and that happens as you share your faith. We live in a broken world. People have wounds, struggles and sins that separate them from God’s love. It is your responsibility to share Christ with those who are suffering. You share Christ with others by connecting through love and compassion, just like Jesus. Faith is meant to be shared with everyone you encounter. Allow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to guide you to share your faith in ways that you can’t imagine even when it seems impossible or knocks you out of your comfort zone. 

In the movie, the elders of the church make it clear to the pastor that they aren’t happy with the new additions to the weekly service, the hippies. They are closed off to anything different than the status quo. They complain that the group dresses differently and doesn’t wear shoes. An absurd complaint is that without shoes they are getting the shag carpet dirty. In the next scene of the movie, we seek Pastor Smith, washing the feet of each hippie as they enter the church…just like Jesus. 

Turn your spark into a flame of faith! God can only walk through open doors. Is the door to your heart open to Christ? As you share your faith with others, God isn’t looking for perfect people to do his work. In the movie, we see the turmoil and conflict between the leaders of the revolution. The one scene that stuck out to me is how easily Lonnie, the hippie who started the revolution, fell to pride. There were a few scenes of him preaching and using his gift of healing in flamboyant and showy ways. The focus began to be about him and not Christ.

A spark becomes a flame with time, the right environment and oxygen. In your faith life, you need time with Christ so that you can create an intimate relationship with him. As you come to know him in a profound way the Holy Spirit can breathe life into you. This new life will is the beginning of a revolution.

The Jesus Revolution started in the 70’s, but it continues every time you step out of your comfort zone and share your faith in your daily life. Don’t worry about what to say or how to say it. The Holy Spirit will equip you! In the movie, they ask for more “Holy Spirit Juice!”

I hope your cup is overflowing with "Holy Spirit Juice" so that you can pour into the lives of everyone you encounter. 


Jennie is a Catholic Life Coach, Podcaster, Speaker and founder of Catholic Moms in the Middle. She equips and encourages middle-life moms to reconnect in their faith by breaking spiritual strongholds so they can finally lose the weight they've struggled with for years, to reconnect in their marriage and to discover where God is calling them in this new season of life.