Pandemic Fatigue

Jan 05, 2021

Pandemic is real! I know because I've had it lately. I've been feeling anxiety, worry, sadness and exhaustion!

Can you relate?

My "world" has completely changed over the past nine months. My daily routines, work interactions, time with friends, family gatherings and church are all different.

I am bombarded with information on the news and social media. At times, it all seems to be conflicting. How do I know what and who to believe?

The political division, snide remarks, and uncertainty in our country is overwhelming.

There seems to be a dim, flickering light at the end of the tunnel but who knows when this will be over.

I am concerned about how the virus will impact my loved ones or myself, so I search for ways to keep us safe.

I feel a sense of loss for our “normal” life; A life that includes time with family, going out to dinner, parties with friends, a full church and simply being able to smile at a stranger at the grocery store.

I have a regular heaviness that I can't shake. I am exhausted from thinking about the virus, trying to determine what is safe, and trying to make things as normal as possible when things are NOT normal.

I tell my clients in life coaching that life is 50/50. 50% positive emotions and 50% negative emotions.

The negative emotions are uncomfortable, so we push them away because we think something is wrong. But what if these negative emotions are a part of our normal life...not to mention life during 2020 and a pandemic?

Once I recognized my Pandemic Fatigue and accepted it for what it is, here’s what I did:

I allowed and processed the emotions and was aware of my feelings. I wrote down ALL of my thoughts so that I could see how my thoughts were creating my emotions.

I didn’t judge my thoughts or categorize them as right or wrong. Looking at my thoughts on paper gives me the chance to determine if my thoughts are true or false. I am great at creating scenarios that aren’t I have to ask myself if my thoughts are true.

I’m showing myself compassion. I am in uncharted territory. I am experiencing a global pandemic unlike anything I've ever seen before. It is absolutely OK to feel what I am feeling. There are no WRONG feelings. I will allow myself to feel all the feels.

I work to be aware of what I am doing each day. I limit my time on social media and watching the news. I allow all of my emotions and realize that they drive my actions. I am aware that negative emotions and unhealthy actions can send me in a downward spiral.

I decided to do what makes ME comfortable. I get to decide how I want to act in this pandemic. I am not going to second guess myself or allow others to shame or guilt me into doing things. I get to decide what I feel comfortable doing and then stick with it! 

I am not going to worry about others judging me, but on the same hand, I am not going to judge others for their actions. I truly believe that everyone is doing the BEST they can! 

Last, but not least, I take everything to prayer.

God is in the midst of everything I am going through.

I place ALL of my emotions in his hands. I spend time in quiet prayer and reflection. I read the scriptures. I go to Mass and spend time in Adoration. Jesus is waiting for me to ask for help. On those days when things seem really dark, God will hold my hand and walk me through the darkness. He will shine his light for me to take the next step and then the next step.

Pandemic Fatigue is real and is part of our journey. I can recognize it, allow it, show myself compassion, and keep taking the next step. One day I will look back and realize just how far I’ve come.