Hey Mama, it is your turn to focus on you!

Over the years have you poured your heart and soul into raising your family? Day after day you put everyone else's needs before your own which left little time to focus on you or your health. You've tried countless diets over the years to lose weight only to have little success or to eventually gain it all back? Have you always thought of self-care as selfish?

Now, you are in a new season of life where your house is quiet, the kids are more independent and you finally have time to focus on you. Are you ready to lose weight once and for all? Do you want to learn healthy habits so that you can find more freedom, joy and fulfillment in this next season of life?

Weight loss coaching will help you gain insight and wisdom for your "Ideal" journey. You will create the mindset to be successful in losing weight and creating healthy habits. Many times as you release unwanted pounds you uncover the reasons that you have been overeating for so long. Overeating is often what helps you avoid your true feelings like worry, stress, unhappiness or overwhelm. When food is no longer available as a buffer, you begin to see where the real work needs to be done. As you lose weight you will redefine your self-worth, strengthen your relationships, increase your self-love and create a life that you love.

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Losing weight is only part of living a happy, healthy and holy life. Reconnect with yourself to gain more confidence freedom and joy in your life. 


Discover your "why" for change and then create the mindset that will equip and encourage you to LIVE your Ideal Life. 


Taking the time to focus on YOU will in turn strengthen all of your other relationships...your marriage, with your family, in your faith but most importantly with yourself. 

As you lose weight, many emotions will rise to the surface. You might experience self-doubt, frustration or shame. Let go of past failures and focus on what is possible in your future. In life coaching, you will learn how change begins with belief in yourself, letting go of negative self-talk and celebrating each and every success. 
This time will be different because you will embrace weight loss through the lens of self-love and compassion.
You deserve it!
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