#23 A Conversation with Sr. Briege McKenna

In this podcast, I had the honor and privilege to talk with Sr. Briege McKenna. In our conversation, Sister shares her love of the Catholic Faith. She encourages and inspires you to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ and to fully embrace the gift of the Sacraments. Sr. Briege has dedicated her life to ministering to priests and for traveling around the world to share her love of the Eucharist. She is also known for her vision of the "water flowing from the altar" in Medjugorje just one month before the apparitions began in 1981. I hope this podcast brings you hope and encourages you on your faith journey. 

About the Host

Jennie is the founder of the Catholic Life Coach Academy. The Academy is designed to equip and encourage Catholic women to create strong connections in their faith, within themselves, in their marriages and other important relationships so that they can lead happy, healthy, holy lives. Jennie teaches life coaching concepts through the lens of Scripture, Church teachings and the lives of the saints. The Academy offers group coaching and one-on-one coaching designed to help women create lives that they love. www.catholiclifecoachacademy.com