Ideal Protein Success for July 4th Celebrations

weight loss Jul 01, 2022

It is easy to get off track during a holiday season. Many Fourth of July celebrations include huge cookouts, lots of desserts and drinking.

It is possible to stay on track with Ideal Protein and still celebrate with family and friends.

Here are a few tips to keep you focused on your weight loss goals. 

1. Plan and prepare. Think about what your weekend will look like and when you will be eating away from home. Go to the grocery and stock up on healthy foods that are on protocol. Be creative and prepare side dishes that you can take to gatherings that you will enjoy, ones that are on your plan and offer options where you don't have to worry about "hidden" ingredients. Be sure to pack your food when you go out to prevent over hunger or temptations. Plan on indulging in your favorite Ideal Protein foods. 

2. Visualize your day. Picture in your mind how you will feel when you are with family and friends around food. Visualize how you feel when others are eating foods that you usually overindulge in. How will it feel to make choices that are on your food plan? Imagine a scenario where feel deprived or left out because you choose not to eat off plan. Knowing that those feelings might come up will help you to recognize them and respond with intention. Imagine how you will feel when you make conscious decisions to stay on your food plan. Visualize how you will feel when you get home and are still on track to reach your ideal weight loss goals. not Michael Jackson's PYT! PICK YOUR THOUGHTS. You get to decide how to think and feel about every situation you find yourself in over the long weekend. If you find yourself feeling deprived or like you are missing out, check the thought behind those feelings.

Every emotion you experience is fueled by a thought.

Here are a few thoughts that are completely normal to have on your Ideal Protein journey. 

I can't eat my favorite foods. 

I am missing out because I can't eat _______________.

It is hard to stay on track when everything looks so good. 

One little bite won't hurt. 

As these thoughts or similar thoughts pop into your brain, you might think that something has gone wrong! It has NOT. Your brain is doing what it was created to do. These thoughts are your brain's way of bringing you pleasure and helping you to avoid pain and discomfort. Your brain doesn't realize that these thoughts aren't helpful to your new healthy lifestyle. 

Here are a few new thoughts that you could choose instead.

Even though other foods look good, I choose to eat foods that are on my plan.

I can enjoy my family and friends without overeating and drinking.

Each bite moves me towards my weight loss goals or away from them. 

I can eat anything I want to eat, right now I chose to eat what is on my plan. 

 Now, what happens if you eat off plan? 

You take ownership for your actions. You don't beat yourself up with negative self talk. You redirect your thoughts so that you don't get stuck in a spiral of shame and self-loathing. You don't throw in the towel. Simply, recognize that you ate off plan and use it as an opportunity to learn about your brain and how it works. When you chose foods that weren't on plan, be curious about the reason why. Were you overly hungry, thirsty, tired or simply giving into an urge and wanting something different. Use what you discover as a way to plan and prepare better in the future. 

Happy 4th of July!