About Me

I’m Jennie…a Life Coach who encourages and equips women to live a happy, healthy and holy life.  

I was a Catholic educator and ministry leader for over 26 years. I’ve taught, challenged and inspired students of all ages to reach their full potential across all areas of their lives. My passion has always centered on encouraging and supporting those around me to find JOY in their faith journey, helping them step into their unique role by unleashing their gifts into the world.

I have been married for 32 years and have 3 grown sons. I recently became a grandmother to a precious baby girl.

Even though my life is filled with abundant blessings, I can still get weighed down in the demands of day to day living. Life coaching opened so many doors in my life. It allowed me to take control of my current situations rather than blame others for my results. I learned how to manage my mind and my emotions so that I am in charge of my actions. I found more joy and peace in my life by letting go of people pleasing and seeking other's approval. I reconnected with myself and learned to love who I am. 

My life coaching journey began when I felt God calling me to dig deeper for my “unique purpose.” I love teaching and I have always enjoyed connecting and collaborating with others. Many times, I have seen my personal overwhelm, doubt and fear mirrored in the eyes of those around me. I know the ups and downs of marriage, raising a family and trying to live a happy, healthy and holy life. I hear women stories of how in their attempt to help everyone they end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted. I can relate because I have been there....until I discovered the power of Life Coaching. 

As a Life Coach, I help women step out of the hustle and bustle of life to learn powerful life coaching skills through the lens of faith. These powerful skills allow women to live their God-given calling in the world, and to live it with joy, confidence and peace. Marriage is the backbone of society, but it can be hard and painful at times. In Life Coaching, I help women reconnect with themselves to create their Ideal Life. A life that includes creating healthy habits, losing weight, reaching their goals, strengthening their marriage, connecting with their adult children and finding their passion so they can live an Ideal Life full of joy that glorifies God.  

We are all called to be the

LIGHT of Christ! 

Jennie Guinn Life Coaching  equips and encourages teachers, ministry leaders, moms, wives AND all women who want to create happy, healthy, holy lives. 

Create A Life You Love!